Why Companies Like to Hire Freelancers

By: Gerhard Horgan

2018-12-03 9 minute read

Hiring a freelancer to get the job done has become increasingly more
popular over the last few years. There are many positive reasons for this
rise which we will explain to you.

Look, most freelancers have opted from their full time traditional jobs of
demanding 9 – 5 jobs. For various reasons they are looking for more
flexibility with most of them coming from professional fields with
significant knowledge and expertise.

If you think about it, there is a huge pool of freelance professionals with
lots of experience that can add value to your company for a project.

Let me explain……………

Here’s how a freelancer can help you, if you are looking for a writer for a
single project then hiring a person on a full time basis wouldn’t make
sense. A freelancer is able to get the job done, you pay them and that’s it,
no strings attached.

What about the costs involved?

A motivation for corporations to utilize the services of freelances is that it is
more cost effective, you pay for their services when the job is done. Versus
a full time employee where you will need to pay a salary, health insurance,
sick leave, also not forgetting office space. Hiring a freelancer you aren’t
obligated with all these extra expenses, saving you money.

freelancers vs regular employees

freelancers vs regular employees

The best part?

Today, you have a huge pool of freelancers to choose from with specific
skill sets. They make their living from freelancing so it is in their best
interests they keep abreast of technology.

So if you have a onetime project, it doesn’t make sense to employ a full time
employee who may only have only one set of skills when the project
requires more to complete the project.

As an example you need a graphic designer for your project and down the
line you will need an app designer, who has a different set of skills. The perfect solution is to hire freelancers who are qualified in their fields to get the job done.

That’s not all ………….

It is easy to outsource a freelancer, whether it is a voice over specialist, a content writing, graphic designer, marketing specialist you will be able to find them on Fiverr.

choosing skilled freelancers

choosing skilled freelancers

Fiverr offers an easy to use website, where you will find freelancers offering their services in array of fields. Plus, they are rated with stars and testimonials, finding one is really simple and easy.

Their website also allows you to post jobs and is interactive.

Bottom Line?

Corporations and business owners find that it doesn’t make sense hiring a full time staff for short-term assignments when there is a huge pool of professional freelancers with the desired skill set to get the job done. In addition it is cheaper than hiring full time workers and less hassle.

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