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DesignCrowd Review 2020 – Top Freelancer Hiring Website

DesignCrowd's user interface

DesignCrowd's user interface

More and more businesses are shifting to hiring remote workers not only because they are cheap but also because they are much easier to work with plus the setup is much less complicated.

If you have a business or project that will require the skills of a graphic designer then you might want to consider this website that we’re going to feature in this review – DesignCrowd.

Interested to know more?

Feel free to continue reading this updated review to see if this online crowdsourcing marketplace is where you should hire your next creative freelancer.

What is it?

It is a website which has an online platform that can be used to hire graphic designers and studios that offer creative services such as logo, website, print and graphic design.

As of press time, they have more than half a million creative freelancers from all corners of the globe that can be hired for reasonable rates.

How does it work?

Everything is done online so all you need is an internet connection and a PC.

First, you need to open an account which generally takes just a minute or so to accomplish.

On the registration page, you just need to supply your name, email address, preferred password and select "I'm a customer" to begin.

If you want to start this now, we can bring you immediately there by clicking on the button below:

Discover the Design Marketplace!

After you complete the registration process, you can immediately start posting your project.

The next step is to select the type of design you need, enter the details of your project and choose among the packages that they will offer you.

Once that is set, you will be receiving various design proposals and suggestions from different freelancers in the next couple of hours.

Simply choose the best design, download the files and the job is done!

Here’s a very simple infographic that sums up the steps that we discussed:

How DesignCrowd works

How DesignCrowd works

As you can see, the steps to hire a freelancer are pretty easy to follow and won’t require you any technical knowledge.

You simply post a project, get proposals and choose the best proposal.

So what are the jobs offered?

Based on the name of the brand, DesignCrowd is a marketplace for freelancers who provide designing services and below are fields that they currently support:

  • Corporate Identity & Branding
  • Web Design Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Print Design Services
  • Merchandise Design Services
  • Art & Illustration

Looks limited? Not really. You see, to start with, these are just the main categories. Let’s look at Web Design as an example. Among the services that this category covers are the following:

  • Wordpress Design
  • Banner Ad Design
  • Icon Design
  • Facebook Design
  • Twitter Design
  • BigCommerce Design
  • Blog Design
  • Blogger Design
  • CMS Design
  • csCart Design
  • Drupal Design
  • and plenty of other design jobs

DesignCrowd job categories

DesignCrowd job categories

What does this mean?

It means they offer almost every kind of design jobs that you can think of and we mean that, literally.

Need someone to do a logo for you? How about a flyer? Perhaps a business card? Something else? All of these bases have already been covered.

And they have more than half a million skilled designers to cover these bases.

Other popular hiring sites like Freelancer.com also have designers on board but their marketplace is not as massive as DesignCrowd.

There are even bigger company names when it comes to providing freelancers online but when it comes to design services, DesignCrowd is defintely the king.

The downside?

Their website is created specifically for those who are looking for freelancers in the creative sector.

That means if you’re in search for someone to hire to get a data entry task done or to write an article then this might not be the right avenue for you take.

You’d better checkout sites like Fiverr for these types of gigs.

Interesting but how much would it cost?

Each type of service has its own set of packages so basically, you’ll be given with plenty of pricing options.

A flyer design for example may have several packages ranging from $79 to $449 so you need to carefully read the inclusions of each package to know which one is best for you.

DesignCrowd flyer packages

DesignCrowd flyer packages

You may also want to check out their project upgrades if you want more enhancements with your designs.

There's an option to hide your project from your competitors, work with 3 or the most successful designers or have it featured to make it more visible by adding a small fee to your package.

The best part?

You can get the design that you want or they will give your money back if you meet their terms and conditions.

This gives you more control on how you want your project to be exposed and be seen by designers.

You will also be able to get more refined proposals based on what you want since you have customized the details and the settings according to your own preferences.

Here are some samples of project listings that we found on their website:

Samples of DesignCrowd project listings

Samples of DesignCrowd project listings

As you can see, it comes with all the details so creative freelancers would know if they are fit for the job or not.

That’s pretty organized if you’d ask us.

There is a real core of what to know before hiring a freelancer for your project and one of the key factors to consider is their packages.

Now, let’s talk about customer service

The company is headquartered in Australia and this is their office address:

DesignCrowd Pty Ltd
Level 4, 2 Hill Street,
Surry Hills 2010
New South Wales

Look: You need to make sure that your freelance service provider offers good customer service because they act as the middleman between you and your designer.

What if your designer forgot to include an essential element to your project? What if you’re not satisfied? This is where you need a good and reliable customer support to step in.

If you have some questions or inquiries then better visit their help/FAQ page first because they have listed most of the answers there.

DesignCrowd help/FAQ page

DesignCrowd help/FAQ page

Otherwise, you can get in touch with their support agents by sending them an email or giving them a phone call via their toll-free numbers (1-800-377-6955 for USA clients).

So which is better?

Whatever mode of communication you choose, you’d be able to communicate with them easily as their agents are available 24/7.

What really matters here is that there will be someone that you can talk to for any inquires, concerns or disputes you might have.

DesignCrowd customer support

DesignCrowd customer support

Bottom line?

If your project requires someone who has creative design skills then DesignCrowd is the best place for you to find them.

What they have is an excellent platform that lists a plethora of high quality custom design services and a great set of packages with an extremely wide range of prices and features.

The best part?

Regardless if it’s for short-term or long term project, their price packages are not just competitive but are also customizable so you’ll definitely get more out of the plan that you will choose.

Without a doubt, DesignCrowd is the place to be if you’re looking for high quality and affordable graphic design services.

How Do I Sign-up With DesignCrowd?

Opening an account and posting your first project with them is very easy. Feel free to click on the button below and we’ll take you directly to the registration page:

Discover the Design Marketplace!


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  • Sharron Reid Likelihood to Recommend:
    CMS Consultant, ValueTainment Xpress
    2017-12-11 18:06:47
    Profile Avatar

    Looking for professional individuals on graphic design is not complex at all with designcrowd. You will be amaze on how many freelancers are within reach in the community.

  • Eddie Smith Likelihood to Recommend:
    Deputy Director, Bravo Investments, & Partners, Co.
    2018-01-04 06:08:50
    Profile Avatar

    This is actually a great post. It implies that designcrowd is simply a den of wonderful and creative talents for your online needs.

  • Shirley Richins Likelihood to Recommend:
    Managing Partner, VarnerXy Co.
    2018-01-29 07:55:28
    Profile Avatar

    The customer support was easy to deal with, I can easily raise questions and ask for help anytime I need one. The Designcrowd team are really good.

  • Linwood Williams Likelihood to Recommend:
    Database Administrator, Falcon Al-Ghanim Corp.
    2018-02-18 17:21:55
    Profile Avatar

    You guys actually forgot to mention how awesome it is to deal with designcrowd people. They get the job done right even under strict time frame.

  • Jeremy Gates Likelihood to Recommend:
    Business Planner, West Vantage Corp.
    2018-03-27 17:24:48
    Profile Avatar

    This post completely change my idea about freelancing jobs and hiring process. I never thought that designcrowd mades things easier for an employer like me.

  • Terry Hortons Likelihood to Recommend:
    Cyber Security Officer, CIS WebDev Co.
    2018-04-25 13:19:28
    Profile Avatar

    Fantastic and informative post for freelancers who wanted to get hired easily. You don't just get involved personally you may also enjoy a good above standard rate from good empolyers too.

  • Levi Moore Likelihood to Recommend:
    Business Copywriter, Black Enterprise Inc.
    2018-05-24 02:56:38
    Profile Avatar

    Being with Designcrowd gives you unlimited possibilities of earning decent money online. You don't just hone your talent but you put it into great use.

  • Lillie Kelley Likelihood to Recommend:
    Web & Mobile Designer, Center for Creative Learning
    2018-06-02 05:59:35
    Profile Avatar

    Great post, but what sets DesignCrowd apart from other freelance sites is that they specifically cater services for quality logo and graphics design. There were lots of professional services you can acquire from this site.

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