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Huge population of professional freelancers

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Diverse secured payment methods

24/7 customer support

No phone support


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Total Score
User Friendliness 98% 95% 95% 91%
Payment Methods Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay, iDEAL, PayPal Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill, Bank Deposit, WebMoney, iDEAL, SOFORT, Giropay, Bancontact, Interac, Dotpay, Alipay, UnionPay, Boleto Credit Card, Check, Wire Transfer, ACH (coming soon) Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Netbanking, Paypal
Communication With Freelancer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quality Of Support 99% 96% 96% 91%
Fees $1 for gigs below $20, 5% for gigs $20 and up per payment 3% or $3 per payment $399 deposit 2.0% - 2.9% per payment

What Do People Say About Freelancer?

Daniel Barnhill

I’ve been with Freelancer.com for more than a year now and have dealt with a number of freelancers from this website for most of my online projects. My experience with them has always been hassle-free.

Monica Crim

My small business started with 2 online freelancers which I hired from Freelancer.com and they’ve done a great job in managing my online store. If I were to hire more in the future, I’ll definitely come back to this site.

Lauri Arrey

Hiring someone online can be quite scary for beginners but Freelancer made it less complicated for me. It’s cost-effective and user-friendly for startup businesses.

Harold Stacey

I always use Freelancer.com for all of my outsourced jobs. Their members are a lot more skilled and experienced compared to the other freelance sites that I’m signed-up with.

Jonathan Dickerson

My business saved a lot on workforce expenses thanks to Freelancer. Would recommend them to anyone who’s planning to start a small business and with a limited budget.

Glenn Walden

I've been running a remote team of workers for more than a year now and most of them have been through Freelancer.com. Such as diverse marketplace to look for skilled people.

Review Summary:

Freelancer.com is an internet marketplace where you can hire a freelancer at competitive rates. They currently have more than 28 million registered professionals on their platform.


Even if you have no experience in using websites like this, you won’t get lost or feel alienated with the platform as it is very easy to navigate.

The jobs that they offer cover almost anything you want. You can hire experts from technical, professional and creative fields for part-time jobs, full-time jobs or even anything in between.

Freelancer.com user interface

Freelancer.com user interface

So what kinds of jobs do they have?

With more than 28 million talents, they cover a diversity of categories. Here’s a list of the major fields that they support:

  • Websites, IT & Software
  • Writing & Content
  • Product Sourcing & Manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Mobile Phones & Computing
  • Data Entry & Admin
  • Translation & Languages
  • Local Jobs & Services
  • Design, Media & Architecture
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering & Science
  • Other

You might think that this is a short list but this is actually just an overview of what’s in store.

To give you an example, Article Submission, Bookkeeping, BPO, Call Center, Customer Service, Customer Support, Data Analytics, Data Cleansing, Data Entry, Data Extraction, Data Processing, Data Scraping, Desktop Support, Email Handling and a whole lot more are under Data Entry & Admin. And this is just a short preview of it. Imagine how long other categories can be.

This is considered to be diverse although Fiverr still has a more expansive network of gigs.


You only need to pay a minimal project fee relative to the value of the selected bid and this is dependent on your project type.

What’s the catch?

Hourly projects are have a fee of 3% of the payment that you paid to your hired freelancer while fixed-price projects have a fee 3% of the winning bid or $3 whichever is greater after your freelancer has accepted your project.

If you have excess payments other than the original bid amount, it will also have a 3% project fee.


If you need customer assistance, you just need to submit a ticket and once of their support agents will contact you.

You can submit this ticket and you can expect a response any time of the day since they are available 24/7.

Freelancer.com customer support

Freelancer.com customer support

Why does this matter?

It matters a lot because customer service is a major factor that you need to consider choosing a freelance service provider.

Since you’ll be employing someone who could be based halfway around the world, you as an employer need to have an assurance that there will be someone who will give you protection and that’s where customer service is a necessity.

Bottom line

If you’re interested to hire a freelancer then Freelancer.com should be the first website that you should consider going to not only because of their website address but because of their quality of service.

Their platform is well-optimized and comes all with the primary features that as an employer needs to hire a skilled and talented freelancer.

The best part?

With a marketplace of 28 million plus talents, it clearly shows that they are one of the most dominant brands in this hiring market so it’s most likely that the best freelancers can be found here.

Be sure to visit Freelancer.com on your browser if you plan to hire a freelancer for your business.

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