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Outsourcely Review 2020 – Best Site to Hire Freelancers

Outsourcely's user interface

Outsourcely's user interface

There are plenty of freelance hiring sites out there but not all of them are the same and just like any other industry, there are good apples and bad apples and you definitely don’t want to get the rotten ones especially if you’re on a startup business.

Outsourcely is one website which is very popular in this hiring industry and in this review we’ll take a closer look if it’s worth considering this online marketplace for digital services.

What is it?

The name of company will already give you a hint on what it provides and yes you probably got that right – outsourcing.

What they offer is a super advanced platform that you can utilize to search for the right remote workers to hire.

Currently, they got more than 300,000 professionals on board which means you got a lot of options.

How does it work?

Outsourcely’s user interface is pretty simple and it won’t even require you an hour of internalization before you get used to it.

In fact, you’ll get the hang of it in just minutes even if it’s your first time!

To register, you need to supply a company-registered email which means free email services like Yahoo or Gmail are not accepted.

If you’re ready to register and give it a try, feel free to click the button below and we’ll take you right to the sign-up page:

Get Started With Outsourcely!

After finishing this very short process, you can begin using the platform!

You can search for remote workers by skill and browse the profiles of the top results.

Alternatively, you can post your job and reach vetted candidates via their best matches.

You can narrow the results by using the filter feature and communicate with those that meet your requirements.

Once you’ve decided on who to hire, you can pay your talent directly and work with them anyway you would like.

Below is the very basic infographic to show you how simple and easy it is:

How Outsourcely works

How Outsourcely works

So what are the jobs offered?

As of press time, Outsourcely has more than 300,000 remote workers on board. That’s a huge pool of talents so you basically have plenty of options.

Currently, here are primary categories to choose from:

  • Design & Multimedia
  • Web Development
  • Programming & IT
  • Software Development
  • Web Host & Server Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • Writing & Content
  • Administrative Support
  • Customer Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Services
  • Finance & Management
  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Science
  • Translation & Languages

Take note that these are only the primary categories. Each category has an extended list of subcategory so that means there’s a diversity of fields.

For example, Sales & Marketing has jobs for the following fields:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sales & Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • Telemarketing
  • Sales
  • Facebook Marketing

Outsourcely skill categories

Outsourcely skill categories

What does this mean?

It simply means that you have plenty of choices. Your options are not limited so you will most likely be able to narrow down your choices and get more refined matches.

Recent studies show that there is a rise in the contract workforce and it's accelerating rapidly so such diversity is expected to further expand.

When it comes to diversity, Outsourcely reigns supreme compared to other freelance hiring sites like DesignCrowd that only covers limited field types such as designers.

The downside?

Not really a complete downside but a lot of options and information can be overwhelming but the good news is that the platform has filters so you can find the right talents that you’re looking for and weed out those that are not match to your standarss.

Below is a sample of a profile that you’ll see on the platform:

A sample of a freelancer's profile in Outsourcely

A sample of a freelancer's profile in Outsourcely

Looks comprehensive, right? That’s how in-depth it can get so you’ll know every detail about the person that you’re planning to hire.

Interesting but how much would it cost?

Individual companies have a monthly plan of $19 while small and growing businesses have monthly premiums of $50. The professional account which have advanced features for scaling your company has a monthly rate of $229.

Comparison of Outsourcely plans

Comparison of Outsourcely plans

For starters, you have to know how to manage freelancers effectively and this includes the pricing.

Outsourcely's fees are a little different compared to the pricing of their competitors but if you’re looking at it in the long term, you’re actually saving a lot on the costs.

Here’s the deal:

You need to look at the features included in the package to determine which plan is right for you.

Do you need live video and interviewing to find the right remote worker to hire? Then the Small Business or Professional account is what you need.

Or maybe you can settle for private chat connections? Then an individual account will do.

Now, let’s talk about customer service

Based on our extensive research, the company's office is in the USA with this physical address:

24639 Foresthill Road
Foresthill, California 95631

They also have additional remotely based employees in Sacramento. There's no registered phone number but you can reach them via [email protected]

Customer service is a key factor when choosing your online marketplace for hiring a freelancer and the good news is that Outsourcely has invested a lot on it.

You can reach the support via live chat on the platform and get a response typically within just a few hours.

Why does this matter?

Because this means that there's someone authorized to step in in case you encounter any issues or disputed with your chosen freelancer.

Since you are dealing with remote workers, it would be wise to be with a provider that can guarantee the safety of your funds and assure you that any deals done under their platform are managed for the protection of your funds.

Outsourcely live chat

Outsourcely live chat

This will make things a lot easier since you are in contact with someone direct from Outsourcely so you can settle any issues or get answers with your questions.

Bottom line?

Outsourcely is the ideal website to go to for hiring skilled freelancers online. Whether it’s a small or large business, their advanced platform can provide you with the services that you need to run a remote team.

It allows you to connect with amazing talents that specialize in various skills including design and multimedia, web development, mobile applications, customer service and many more.


The best part?

They have over 300,000 reliable remote workers that you can hire for short or long-term jobs and their rates are much more competitive so you save a lot on workforce costs.

Without a doubt, Outsourcely is your primary go-to site for competent and screened professionals that can perform every conceivable task.

How to Register With Outsourcely?

You can sign-up for an account and start hiring in just minutes. Simply supply your company email address (not from free email services like Gmail or Yahoo), provide your personal details and you’re done.

Ready to start? Click on the button below and we’ll take you straight to the registration page:

Get Started With Outsourcely!


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  • Rachel Morrison Likelihood to Recommend:
    Startup Advisor, HighTower Constructions
    2017-12-11 12:48:17
    Profile Avatar

    I thought that outsourcely is just your ordinary freelance site, but after reading the review, I am having a second thought and is considering to haev an account with them.

  • Roy Hathcock Likelihood to Recommend:
    Network Engineer, Plug N Play
    2018-01-15 21:15:47
    Profile Avatar

    It is nice to know that freelancing sites like outsourcely provide safety transactions between employer and freelancer.

  • Sandra Lindsey Likelihood to Recommend:
    Technical Recruiter, branded, Incorporated
    2018-02-14 08:50:18
    Profile Avatar

    After looking through this review I made a concious choice to set up an freelance account with outsourcely. And I am now getting positive offers little by little.

  • Alexander Fields Likelihood to Recommend:
    HR Strategist, Cetis Builders Co.
    2018-03-24 11:52:47
    Profile Avatar

    Having an account with outsourcely provide a conducive atmosphere for a freelancer like me. There were just too many options and the earning potential have no limits.

  • Robert Skelly Likelihood to Recommend:
    Corporate Secretary, Teledex Data Management
    2018-04-12 19:25:30
    Profile Avatar

    I am considering a premium upgrade from outsourcely after reading the cons from this article. Helpful ideas are now flowing freely on my head.

  • William Harden Likelihood to Recommend:
    Finance Analysts, Trade Finance Dividend Inc
    2018-04-28 23:03:33
    Profile Avatar

    If you are an employer trying to find hardworking freelancer then this is the place to be. Thanks for the post, it really helped me decide which group of people to work with.

  • Jack Howard Likelihood to Recommend:
    Legal Consultant, KasiKornIcc
    2018-05-16 18:05:51
    Profile Avatar

    As I compare this site from the others, it seems that premium for small business from outsourcely is more reasonable than the others.

  • Rodney Ressler Likelihood to Recommend:
    Regional Director, Digital World Asia
    2018-06-02 12:17:02
    Profile Avatar

    I never realized how outsourcely come up with a very diverse freelance selection. This review made me realize that there were too many options. Great review!

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