Freelance Hiring Articles – Tips and Tricks 2018

Looking to hire freelancer but new to this kind of industry?
Here are some updated articles which you might find useful.

Aside from our top freelance sites reviews, we also have these informative articles that we’ve prepared to help you on what to look for in a freelancer and where to find them.

Top Tips After Hiring Your New Freelancer

The freelance community is growing so fast with more and more people opting from the traditional 9 – 5 job to freelancing. Statistics show that over 54 million Americans in some form or another participated in freelance work during 2015. The trend is not slowing down, in fact over the next 5 years it is expected to increase to half of the ... (Read More)

Why You Should Hire a Freelancer for Your Project

Today, hiring a freelancer to get a job done is becoming the norm with more and more business finding that it can keep their costs down while getting professional expert help. That’s not all ... You have a wide choice of options, whether it is a writer, translator, virtual assistant, logos or a programmer there is no shortage o ... (Read More)

The Ultimate Guide to Paying Your Freelancer

Paying your freelancer for his services is an important aspect of the hiring process that often gets overlooked. There are various ways you can do this with a lot of options. For instance, PayPal only offers their services in certain countries, so if you were thinking of using PayPal to pay your freelancer you need to check if it is avai ... (Read More)

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Freelancers

Today, hiring a freelancer is becoming a common practice from small businesses to corporations. They find that there is a huge pool of professionals that make it cost effective for projects. Look, ... (Read More)

The Advantages of Hiring a Freelance Medical Writer

If you have concerns about hiring a professional freelance medical writer as opposed to an in-house one because of the time you require to bring them up to speed, you will be surprised to know that there is a pool of them with in-depth specialist knowledge that can benefit small to medium-sized businesses. In the ... (Read More)

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