How Do You Manage Freelancers With a Limited Budget?

By: Edward Burke

2018-10-12 10 minute read

Starting a business is a costly business and very few people are a ‘jack of all trades’ and know all aspects of business specialities in order to make your business thrive and get off the ground.

That is why, especially if you have few resources (but a good idea) and budget is an issue hiring freelancers could be the way around it.

Here’s the deal ………………..

  • A good business plan will help you to prioritise your projects.
  • Knowing what services you will require upfront from each freelancer, be it from marketing, design or programming is a good first step.
  • Decide which project is a high priority for you in order to make your business grow.
  • You will also need to know some basics of what their job entails so that you can manage the contractor.
  • Do some background research, this way you will be able to understand the work your contractor needs to be proficient in. It will also help you to ask the right questions and manage the contractors work.

You will discover that finding a good freelancer can be relatively easy, you could start out by asking colleagues and acquaintances for referrals or post an advertisement on social media like LinkedIn. Another route, is to do a quick search on the internet, which will spew out hundreds of freelancers and agencies for you to choose from.

The best part?

Fiverr is one of the more reliable and reputable agencies, they vet the freelancers and give them ratings based on testimonials and references from previous projects that they have done.

working with freelancers

working with freelancers

Searching for your freelancer on their website is also easy and user-friendly, anyone can navigate their site. You are also able to post an advertisement setting out the parameters of what you are looking for.

Quick and simple and surely the way to go, before you know it you will be sitting with a shortlist of professional freelancers to interview.

But there’s a catch…………….

Unfortunately, today you can’t take anyone’s word for it, that is the reason why you should check all their references to determine if they are indeed up for the job.

Interviewing them

Luckily you did you research before and know the qualifications that they should have. By using common sense and asking questions you will soon be able to determine if they are best suited for your project.

What’s more……………

Ask specific questions you may be surprised at what you learn. They are the experts in their field, so listen to them they might have some recommendations that can make your business stronger.

Keep things on track by starting off small

By starting off small and focusing on specific deliverables and deadlines you will be able to keep things on track. Of course you will have make certain allowances in the beginning for trial and error as they get to know more about your business. When you start seeing results and have a good working relationship then you can start increasing the size of your project.

Bottom Line?

By managing your freelancer properly you will be able to achieve amazing results for your business and bring it to a whole new level that you would never have achieved on your own.

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