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Tap into the very best international design talents with DesignCrowd’s online crowdsourcing marketplace. Simply post a contest project and receive custom designs from talented freelancers who will compete not for the cost but for the quality.

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  •  Logo, website, print, graphic design services and more
  •  Over 500,000 talented graphic designers
  •  Get your desired design or your money back

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Diversity of design services

Affordable pricing packages

Money-back guarantee

Free revisions

Fast and professional customer support

Doesn’t offer non-design services


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Total Score
User Friendliness 98% 95% 95% 95%
Payment Methods Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay, iDEAL, PayPal Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill, Bank Deposit, WebMoney, iDEAL, SOFORT, Giropay, Bancontact, Interac, Dotpay, Alipay, UnionPay, Boleto Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill, Bank Deposit, WebMoney, iDEAL, SOFORT, Giropay, Bancontact, Interac, Dotpay, Alipay, UnionPay, Boleto Credit Card, Check, Wire Transfer, ACH (coming soon)
Communication With Freelancer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quality Of Support 99% 96% 96% 96%
Fees $1 for gigs below $20, 5% for gigs $20 and up per payment 3% or $3 per payment 3% or $3 per payment $399 deposit

What Do People Say About DesignCrowd?

Lily-Ann Howarth

Freelancers from DesignCrowd was the most professional freelancers I have met online. They not only work diligently for you but they also was able to finish every task on time. So if you are starting a business, and knows nothing about logo, hire people from this group.

Jess Layton

My website was so outdated so I searched online for the best people to give it a makeover. DesignCrowd’s designers had the best and the most affordable services and I must say, I made the right choice.

Serenity Logan

I was looking for someone to work on a creative project but most of the designer rates that I found online were too pricey. DesignCrowd had the more affordable fees and it was happy with the quality of work of their designers. I'm looking forward to work with them for more projects in the future!

Bernie Trammell

When I started my business, I only had a limited budget to spare for hiring a graphic designer. Most of the websites that I found have extremely high fees but it was DesignCrowd that gave me affordable rates for a skilled freelancer. Thank you!

Eve Duffy

I like cooking, making recipes, making videos and everything around it, but the worst part is that I can't design a logo to protect my data. I wanted to have a stamp logo on my site so I hire a freelancer from DesignCrowd. James was able to complete the logo and I was too happy for how it goes.

Maria Haynes

I badly needed to hire someone who has a creative mind for my business. Good thing I found DesignCrowd and was able to get a lot of great ideas from their professional designers.

Review Summary:

DesignCrowd is an online crowdsourcing marketplace where employers and businesses can various hire design services such as logo, website, print and graphic design.

This company currently has over half a million creative freelancers from different countries with fees that are more competitive that other websites.


Their website is as easy and simple as it can be. Once you complete the registration, you will be instantly taken into the process of posting your first project.

Simply set the type of design that you need, enter the details and get design proposals in a matter of hours.

DesignCrowd's user interface

DesignCrowd's user interface

And the jobs?

The company has listed over half a million creative designers from various countries so there are plenty of talents to explore.

To be clear, this is an online marketplace of freelancers that have skills in graphic design and these are the services that they offer:

  • Corporate Identity & Branding
  • Web Design Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Print Design Services
  • Merchandise Design Services
  • Art & Illustration

Yes, it might look like a short list but each category has dozens of sub-categories under it.

Just to give you an idea…

Corporate Identity & Branding includes Logo Design, Business Card Design, Stationery Design, Letterhead Design and plenty of other services so that’s a lot!


For every design service, they have already prepared a selection of packages with varied pricing options.

Here’s the deal…

When you checkout the packages, be sure to read the inclusions so you would know which among the options is best for your requirements.

It may also be prudent to avail their project upgrades so you can get better results with your designs.

Among the upgrades that they offer include hiding your project from your competitors or clients, working with the most successful designers for that service or getting your project listed in the featured posts.

And if you’re not satisfied with the design offers, you can get your money back (terms and conditions apply).


The help and FAQ pages are very detailed so it would be better to visit them before contacting customer support.

But if you really want to talk to their support agents, you can contact them via toll-free phone numbers or email and can expect to get a fast response.

DesignCrowd customer support

DesignCrowd customer support

Why does this matter?

You need to find a freelance marketplace with dependable support because they serve as the middleman between you and your chosen designer.

In the event that you had any issues with your freelancer such as missing elements, designs that need revisions or any other important concerns, you’ll have someone to run to (at least online).

Bottom line

If your project will be needing a freelancer that offers graphic design services then it would be best to find them at DesignCrowd.

This crowdsourcing site has an excellent online platform where you can post your projects and hire highly talented freelancers for various creative services.

The best part?

They have an extensive list of design categories with different pricing packages.

And whether you have a small-time project or planning to launch a big one, you will be able to collaborate with a wealth of talented freelancers in the graphic design industry at a fraction of the cost.

Discover the Design Marketplace!