Compare the Best Freelance Sites for Employers 2018

Upwork or Outsourcely? Check out this quick comparison of their features so you’ll get to know which site is better for hiring freelancers. These details are based on actual experiences that were done by our experts.

User Friendliness 86% 81%
Payment Methods PayPal, Other Payment Options Direct to Local Bank, ACH Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, M-Pesa
Communcation With Freelancers Yes Yes
Quality Of Support 87% 85%
Fees $19 - $229 per month 2.7% per payment or $25 per month
Total Score 87 82
Upwork and Outsourcely registered satisfactory results in our tests. Both have platforms that are easy to use and have the option to communicate with their freelancers. They also support major payment options and offer great customer service although Outsourcely showed more impressive numbers. While both sites did well in this fight, Outsourcely scored better and has more promising features than its competitor.
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What Do People Say About Outsourcely?

Andrea Anson

As an entrepreneur, I admire how Outsourcely cater fresh and well-motivated remote workers around the globe. I have seen the proof of how effective their workers are. Instead of hiring home-grown talent from a single location, I was able to reach more and more talents through their platform.

Richard Leones

No employer could ever be great without hiring the right person for the job. I am absolutely astounded how I was able to find the most efficient individual from Outsourcely. And the output they produce for my company is simply the best way to make enough profit for growth in a long run.

Wilma Sibler

The quality of output and the number of remote talents are just too many and that is basically the reason why I kept hiring services and talents from Outsourcely. They delivered the job that I required from them just on time and I can keep track of all the rendered projects through their platform.

Mary Bledsoe

Hiring talents all across the globe and collaborating with them for a project is made easy by Outsourcely. I am genuinely thankful that I have found the right people for the job I need to get done. It saved me a lot of money and time.

Herbert Settle

Within a year of hiring professionals from Outsourcely, our company have shown 300% growth in revenue. The reason is the quality and the pool of talent that they offer. As a CEO, I will be hiring more from them than any other remote worker services.

Ricky Quill

Outsourcely made it fairly easy for me to find fresh talent overseas and I'm very impressed with their skills. Their rates are much more reasonable and it was able to lower the costs for running my business online.