Freelance Hiring Articles – Tips and Tricks 2018

Looking to hire freelancer but new to this kind of industry?
Here are some updated articles which you might find useful.

Aside from our top freelance sites reviews, we also have these informative articles that we’ve prepared to help you on what to look for in a freelancer and where to find them.

How to Identify and Pick the Best Freelancers

Any employer would want to hire the best freelancers. If you're not sure how to find them then you might want to follow these very basic steps for a start. 1. Figure out what you need during the interview Lets dive into the interviewing process. First of all, figure out exactly what you need. We can't emphasize enough how i ... (Read More)

3 Steps on How to Hire and Manage Freelancers

With a look at the advantages and disadvantages of working with freelancers versus full-time employees. Today we continue that series, the three steps you can take to hire the perfect freelancer for your business. When we first started, hiring freelancers for our business, we treated the process pretty much the same as hiring full-time employees. ... (Read More)

How to Evaluate Proposals From Freelancers

We’re going to walk you through a very simple process you can follow to hire freelancers based on their proposals. How do you handle all of the cover letters, work samples, resumes and proposals that come into your inbox? When you've posted a job, whether you're on ... (Read More)

How to Use Fiverr's Platform to Hire a Freelancer

If you're not familiar with Fiverr, it's a website where they have lots and lots of what they call gigs or jobs that you can hire people for and every gig is $5 but there are some tricks to that. It's a great place for hiring an outsourcer for certain things but you need to be aware that sometimes you get what you pay for. If yo ... (Read More)

Top 6 Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer Online (2018)

Among the top reasons why many prefer to go freelance is that they have the flexibility of setting their own working hours and from home, a privilege that is rarely experience with a regular job. So the big question is how do businesses and companies benefit from the services of remote talents? Is there really a huge benefit from hiring so ... (Read More)

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