Things You Need to Know First Before Hiring a Freelancer

By: Charles Myers

2018-07-25 7 minute read

Rather than hiring full-time employees, most startup businesses nowadays are turning to freelancers due to a number of benefits such as lower costs and less paperwork.

However, it is important to remember that these remote workers are also humans.

They can be the perfect solution for all your freelancing needs but it’s not all flowers and sunshine.

Sure you may save a few bucks but there might be some disadvantages that you need to consider first so if you’re going to hire someone who from overseas then you need to have a reality check.

In this article we'll mention some things that you need to be aware about and a few obstacles that you need to face should you decide to hire the services of a remote worker.

Availability is the key

You’re most likely to hire contractor outside your region or country. That’s practically fine distance is no longer a factor when you’re online but you need to ensure that are always available when you need them.

Look: You need to factor in the time difference but freelance talents usually adjust their schedule to the needs of their clients so it is essential to hire someone who can be adaptable to this kind of setup.

The language barrier factor

There’s a possibility that you may run into language barriers which is why it is essential to talk to them first and see how the conversation goes. Ask more questions and see how they answer it.

Reality check:

Were you able to convey your message clearly and did they understand every detail of it? This will give you a preview on how your working relationship with them is going to be. And if they passed this informal test then it’s a good sign.

Services at rock-bottom prices? Really?

Those who are new to hiring freelancers are usually perplexed as to why jobs are much cheaper online. When you read our Fiverr review, you'd learn how easy it is to create a successful business at an affordable cost.

But that doesn’t mean that those who are based from other countries are not skilled enough or reliable.

Here’s the deal:

Some of them are actually more skilled and their rates are most likely lower than the standard minimum wage in your country.

Let’s have a basic comparison. Say you want to purchase a beer and the price in LA is around $2. In Asia, it could go for as low as $0.60!

This goes the same for freelancer fees. Their standard of living is much lower in their country which is why they are capable of asking for rates which are different from where you’re based.

You’d be surprised on how low the rates could go and how affordable it is to run a team of remote workers who are based halfway across the globe!

The challenge of offering full-time employment

freelancer: someone who works on different projects with different companies instead of being a company employee --Cambridge English Dictionary

As freelancer is defined in the dictionary, you’re practically hiring someone for a project. That means they can juggle multiple projects simultaneously but that doesn’t mean that you cannot hire them for full-time work.

We can’t emphasize enough:

If you can give them a good salary offer and attractive benefits, there’s no reason for them to refuse it. After all, they are looking for security and if you can assure them of that then you’re most likely to strike a good deal.

So how do you pick the right freelancer to hire?

Regardless if you have met your remote worker or not, it would be wise to assign them small tasks to test your working relationship.

And remember:

Never ask your freelancer to do a project for you for free as this is considered to be impolite and rude.

It is also best to allot some time for a meeting with your freelancer in any possible way: voice call, video conference, live chat or in person.

What’s the real story?

This will allow you to comprehend if you can get along with your prospective talent. For sure you want to work with someone who also thinks like you, right?

You’re getting there…

Yes, you’re almost at the end of the checklist! Remember, you can’t get all the information that you need to get a perfect match for your project.

You have to experience it by yourself and this will give you the wisdom that you need in hiring the right remote worker for the job.

So where you find these employees?

There are plenty of websites which will connect you to this huge market. And when we say huge, we really mean it. This is because these websites will connect you to a huge diversity of skilled talents from all over the world.

You can read reviews of freelance marketplaces online and see which one is best suited for your company or project’s needs.

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