How to Use Fiverr's Platform to Hire a Freelancer

By: Steve Aguilar

2018-08-08 10 minute read

If you're not familiar with Fiverr, it's a website where they have lots and lots of what they call gigs or jobs that you can hire people for and every gig is $5 but there are some tricks to that.

It's a great place for hiring an outsourcer for certain things but you need to be aware that sometimes you get what you pay for.

If you're expecting someone to like build a whole website for you with multiple pages and flash animation all that stuff and you expect to pay $5 for it, sometimes you get what you pay for so you got to be careful about that.

It's really super simple to create an account. Once you're logged in, it takes you to a home page where you can do lots of things.

Let's say, hey you know what, I want my own capture page, I don't know how to do it, I don't know the software, I really don't want to try to figure this stuff out, it's above my head and I'm not really that tech-savvy.

You just type "custom capture page" in the search bar it will pull up some results. Now here are some tricks that you need to use.

Based on a recent study, the number of Americans working for themselves will triple by 2020 and this is an indication that there will be more people to hire for freelancing.

You should always filter your search no matter what you're searching for by "high rating".

These ratings are given by the actual users who have purchased this person's gig and have been happy with their results so you'll always want to use this feature.

You can see right here:

I'll design a high converting landing or squeeze page

Fiverr search custom capture page

Fiverr search custom capture page

This is more like what we're looking for. When you click on it, it will show you more details about this case.

Fiverr freelancer profile

Now there are some of other things you need to know.

You get some details here exactly what to expect from a gig and then they offer down below extras (and this is true for every gig on Fiverr).

It's like “hey if you want this today, it's another five bucks.”

“If you want sales pages you want me to upload it to your existing website, its $20.”

“I'm going to create an extra Thank You page and a download page, that’s an extra $5”

They do exactly what they say they're going to do for five dollars and anything above and beyond that will cost you more. Plain and simple.

Fiverr gig extras

Fiverr gig extras

Sometimes these bonuses are these extras as they call them are worth it. Sometimes they're not so it really depends on what you're shopping for what you're looking for them to do for you.

That's going to help you determine whether you want to pay for these extras or not like if you're on a super, super, big hurry and you're like, "you know what, I just bought a solo ad, I really want to drive traffic right now and I need this capture page" then just pay the extra five dollars and get it done today.

Extra fast. And, it’s just five extra dollars.

So for $10, you got yourself a brand new custom capture page today and most of these gigs will allow you for changes so if you don't like it then they'll modify it for you and usually they’ll do it for free. Let's say you have a t-shirt business. You're doing a tee spring business or you're doing something where you're selling t-shirts.

Look this guy's got 5 stars.

Fiverr tshirt design 5 stars

Fiverr tshirt design 5 stars

These are the people that you want to work with and then you just click on each one and you decide who you want to use, who you feel comfortable with, whose work you like best because you can see some of their sample work when you click on the gig.

Fiverr announced 2018 as the "year of do" in their latest campaign and it's really not surprising because there are lots of things that you can do!

Let's say you want to shoot like a PowerPoint video but you don't want to use your own voice to record it. You can find people on Fiverr that will record it for you.

Say, you have a very long-winded answering machine message in your office and you don't feel like doing it yourself. Just hire someone on Fiverr to do a professional voice-over.

You can hire a guy from England who got a British accent to do the whole thing for $5 and send you the audio file.

There are lots of different ways that you can use Fiverr for your business so play around on this. You can search for anything and everything.

So that's it and we hope that you got some value from this. Fiverr's really great for certain things. Just be careful.

If you're expecting the moon for five dollars, it's not going to happen. Sometimes you get what you pay for so if you're paying five dollars for a gig that would be a lot more expensive, you're probably not going to be happy with your results.

And again, look at those extras because sometimes it's worth it to pay an extra five or ten dollars if the person you were working with you like them and they do good work but you need a couple of other things done so don't be shy about using those extras if needed. But for most of the time, five dollars can give you what you need.

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